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General Terms of Sale for Teaching and Management Services in Skiing and other Board Sports for Ecole du Ski Français Instructors from Megève Enrolment is order to benefit from services provided by the E.S.F instructors from Megève requires full acceptance of the General Terms of Sale


All the E.S.F instructors from Megève are the holders of valid authorisation to teach skiing and its associated disciplines.


The client and/or pupil is not insured by the ESF. To avoid risks and financial trouble following an accident, remember to subscribe to a specific insurance. (ESF Megève recommend E-Gloo Protect) .

The client and/or pupil is wholly responsible for their equipment. The instructors cannot be held responsible for prejudice caused by the said equipment or in the case of theft or damage to the latter.


The client informs the E.S.F Megève of his or her choice thanks to the official documents that he or she fills in and returns to the E.S.F.

In order for the lessons to run smoothly, it is important that the skiers be of the same level. Given the fact that it is impossible from a practical point of view for the E.S.F. instructors Megève to check the level of each client and/or pupil prior to their enrolment, the latter is responsible for the choice of the technical level that he or she selects according to the grid established by the E.S.F. Megève.

Consequently, the E.S.F Megève reserves the right to reincorporate into a group that is more in line with their level a skier whose level does not correspond to their declaration. This is on condition that there is a space in one of the other groups. The skier will not be able to claim any reimbursement or compensation for this situation that is due solely to his or her declaration.

In order to attend a ski lesson, the client and/or pupil has to have their lesson card in hand.


The prices quoted include the teaching provided by an E.S.F. instructor Megève, and do not include any other services (insurance, ski lifts, accommodation, etc.), unless specified otherwise.

Consequently, the client and/or pupil must ensure, at the time at which the lesson is scheduled to take place, that he or she has on them a ski pass that enables them to access the ski lifts and according to their choice, insurance that covers them against the risks inherent to pursuing a sporting activity in a mountain environment (civil liability, assistance, etc).

The price of the children group lessons includes the medal at 7 €. All profits will be donated to the Caisse de Secours of the ESF Megève. If you do not want the medal, a refund may be made, at the end of the week, on return of the medal, in one of our offices ESF.


No bookings can or will be taken over the phone.
In order to enrol, the client sends a booking form with the total payment to the E.S.F, either by cheque or credit card to ESF Megève.

The payment is proof that a contract has been entered into between the two parties.

The services are booked for firm dates.

Simplify your reservations and order your group lessons directly on our website (secure payment). Can fax with N° C/C + cryptogram and expiration date.

Your booking form(s) must reach us at least 15 days before the beginning of the chosen lessons, with details for the total payment included, in order for them to be confirmed.

We request that you include a telephone number within your correspondence, so that we can contact you if we find that your booking form is incomplete. Any booking form(s) received without a phone number and a means of payment will not be processed.


Collective lessons: The full amount of your reservation will be refunded if the cancellation takes place at least 2 days before the beginning of the lesson(s). No refund(s) will be given once the lessons have started.

Private lessons: The full amount of your reservation will be refunded if the cancellation takes place at least 15 days before the beginning of the requested lesson(s). If the cancellation takes place between 14 days and 4 days before the beginning of the lesson(s), an amount corresponding to the hours of the first day will be retained. No refund(s) after this period. The ESF cannot be held responsible for: weather conditions, ski lift breakdowns or other incidents outside of their control.

If clients are not present at the beginning of the scheduled class for which they have signed up, tuition will not be refunded and changing for another class for a missed class will not be authorized.


The E.S.F Megève reserves the right to cancel or interrupt the lessons, notably in the case of force majeure. The following are in particular cases of force majeure: the whole closure of the slopes or the chair lifts and weather conditions that make it dangerous for the group to access the sites where the activity is to be pursued.

On occasions where there are fewer than 5 (five) people booked into a group, the E.S.F Megève reserves the right to cancel and refund the group lessons.

The E.S.F Megève reserves the right to exclude at any time a person whose behavior is likely to disturb the course of the lessons. In this case, the client cannot claim any reimbursement. When a lesson has started, the client or/pupil has to pay the whole amount.


The parties will attempt to reach an agreement with regard to any difficulties that arise within the scope of the performance of the contract. If they are unable to reach a friendly settlement, all disputes concerning the validity, interpretation and performance of the present agreement will be governed exclusively by the rules of French law.

Any contestation, of any nature whatsoever will come within the remit of French civil and commercial jurisdictions, including decisions to be made within the scope of an urgent case.
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