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Nordic's good deal

Save the date: 
La Livraz the place to be !

Cross Country, Biathlon, Nordic SkierCross...
The so called « Foyer de ski de fond* » of Megève provides you classic or skating ski equipment at La Livraz every Wednesdays and Saturdays from 2pm to 4pm at 5€ only ! 
(* Local Cross-country organization)

ESF instructors are available, please plan ahead your lesson here or at an ESF office.

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The whole season at la Livraz

This winter come and adopt cross-country skiing ! 
Forget everything you know about this sport, at La Livraz nordic area a learning zone is dedicated to you : 
  • flat tracks for an easy start  
  • slight and safety slopes to get some thrill  
  • some humps, jumps and turns to improve your balance and flexing  
  • soft slopes to climb 

The ideal place for children and adults to start loving cross-country skiing !
All loops of Megève are free except the site of La Livraz :
Adult: 9€ / Child: 6€ per day (without insurance)
  • ESF Megève Megève
  • 176 Rue de la Poste BP14 - 74120 MEGEVE
  • Tel : +33 4 50 21 00 97