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e-gloo PROTECT Insurance

ski with peace of mind this holiday! 

Even the most advanced skiers can have an accident!
E.S.F highly recommends to its clients/pupils to ensure that they have the adequate insurance cover for them and their family, and if necessary to subscribe to a specific one with E-Gloo Protect in order to obtain all the necessary insurance cover and assistance in the event of an accident during your stay. 

With E-gloo Protect insurance during your stay, you benefit from the skills of the best professionals of the sector and complete services, from rescue on trails, transport by ambulance and refund of ski passes and lessons.

Ensure your cover but also the one of your family and that you limit the expenses because in the mountains,  they can often reach the peaks.

So ski with peace of mind, and get cover for you, your family or friends with E-gloo Protect.

For more information and conditions and to obtain cover please Click here

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