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the best in group lessons for children are with ESF Megève

nothing is too difficult for us!

From 5 to 12 years old

From the Ourson to the Gold Star levels our team of instructors at ESF Megève will guide your children through the stages of their particular level during the week.

With many of our instructors now English speaking, the communication with the group and the instructor is as strong as ever. 

In safety and in a relaxed friendly atmosphere your child will learn the basics of skiing or improve existing skills with professional tuition.

For lessons booked with meals the following areas are planned for your children to eat this season:
  • Children over 6 years old will have lunch at the fondation « Morand-Allard » 
  • Children under 6 y.o. will have lunch at the Club Piou-Piou Caboche. 
  • For more information, do not hesitate to call the Club Piou-Piou Caboche directly on +33 4 50 58 72 54.

Horaires et Tarifs à insérer ici
PRICES > School Holidays

Group Lessons - 5 or 6 days

22/12/18 TO 6/01/19 & 9/02/2019 TO 10/03/2019
  • 5 or 6 day week
  • medal included
  • from beginner to the gold star
  • Day Course: Meal Included 
starting from157 €
coursehoursMEETING POINTSInformationPRICES
5 mornings10.00am to 12.25pmAu départ de toutes nos ESFFrom Monday to Friday172 €
6 afternoons2.35pm to 5.00pmAu départ de toutes nos ESFFrom Sunday to Friday157 €
5 and A half days10.00am to 5.00pmCabocheSunday to Friday*524 €
* 5 and a half days: 1st course Sunday 2:35pm to 5.00pm then Monday to Friday 10.00am to 5.00pm
5.5 days group course : please download the booking form here
International Group Lesson in English - 5 Days!
coursehoursmeeting pointsInformationPrices
5 mornings10.00AM TO 12.25PM CabocheFrom Monday to Friday172 €
From beginner level (Ourson) to 3rd Star
+++   NEW FROM 4 YEARS OLD   +++

during the winter holidays

From 18/02/2019 to 10/03/2019

From 4 to 12 years old your child can take advantage of the PREMIUM GROUP LESSON COURSE which is a course for 3 to 6 people


FROM 18/02/2019 TO 10/03/2019
  • 5 day week: Monday to Friday
  • child from 4 years old
  • group of 3 to 6 people
  • Medal included
PREMIUM course
220 €
coursehoursmeeting pointsInformationprice
5 sessions12.30pm to 2.25pmCaboche & Mont d'ArboisBeginner to Gold Star220 €Ajouter au panier/add to basket
5 sessions12.30PM TO 2.25PMJaillet, Princesse & RochebruneBeginner to 1st Star220 €Ajouter au panier/add to basket
PRICES > Outside School Holidays

Group Lessons - 5 days

7/01/2019 TO 8/02/2019 & 11/03/2019 TO SEASON END
  • 5 day week
  • medal included
  • from beginner level to gold star
Courseshoursmeeting pointsInformationprice
5 mornings10.00am to 12.55pmDepart from ESF officeFrom Monday to Friday157 €
International Group Lesson in English - 5 Days!
Coursehoursmeeting pointsInformationprices
5 mornings10.00AM TO 12.55PM CabocheFrom Monday to Friday157 €
From beginner level (Ourson) to 3rd Star
PRICES > Out of Season Weekend Courses

weekend courses - 1 Course

7/01/2019 TO 8/02/2019 & 9/03/2019 TO SEASON END
  • saturday or sunday
  • only outside of school HOLIDAYS
  • from beginner to competition
starting from46 €
FROM 07/01/2019 TO 08/02/2019 AND FROM 09/03/2019 TO SEASON END
Weekend course Saturday 1.35pm to 4.30pmCaboche, RochebruneSaturday46 €
WEEKEND COURSE Sunday1.35PM TO 4.30PMCaboche, RochebruneSunday46 €
Caboche only from 2nd star, lower level see Ski Relaxation
FROM 07/01/2019 TO 08/02/2019
WEEKEND COURSE SATURDAY1.35PM TO 4.30PMJaillet, PrincesseSaturday46 €
WEEKEND COURSE Sunday1.35PM TO 4.30PMJaillet, PrincesseSunday46 €
WEEKEND COURSE SATURDAY10.00AM TO 12.55PMJaillet, PrincesseSaturday46 €Ajouter au panier/add to basket
WEEKEND COURSE SUNDAY10.00AM TO 12.55PMJaillet, PrincesseSunday46 €Ajouter au panier/add to basket

SKI relaxation FOR 3 to 5 YEARS

From Beginner to Medium - Weekend packages are available for children up to 5 years old. Your child can enjoy the facilities of the Club Piou Piou and the teaching of our ESF instructors.

The formulaes sunday afternoon are not available during the french holidays.
PRICES > Weekend Breaks Only

Ski Relaxation - weekend only

  • beginner to medium
  • up to 5 years old
  • meeting at Club piou piou at caboche or mont d'arbois
coursesHOURSno mealswith meals
1 morning9.30am to 12.30pm or 9.30am to 2.00pm (with Meals)51 €75 €Contact
1 afternoon2.00pm to 5.00pm OR 12.30am to 5.00pm (with meals) 51 €75 €Contact
1 full day9.30AM TO 12.30PM and 2.00PM TO 5.00PM102 €109 €Contact
Sign up for our Ski Relaxation Package using the booking form.
The medal is included in the price (except for weekend courses). At the end of the week if you decide you do not want the medal you can get a refund. For information this amount will be paid in full to the "Caisse de Secours" of the ESF Megève.
Choice of services provided: The client informs the E.S.F Megève of his or her choice thanks to the official documents that he or she fills in and returns to the E.S.F. In order to run the lessons smoothly, it is important that the skiers have the same level. Given the fact that it is impossible from a practical point of view for the E.S.F. to check the level of each client and/or pupil prior to their enrolment, the latter is responsible for the choice of the technical level that he or she selects according to the grid established by the E.S.F. Megève. Consequently, the E.S.F Megève reserves the right to reincorporate into a group that is more in line with their level, a skier whose level does not correspond to their declaration. This is on condition that there is a space in one of the other groups. The skier will not be able to claim any reimbursement or compensation for this situation that is due solely to his or her false declaration. (See General Sales Conditions)
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